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This page will feature all the recent additions to our website. So, if you haven’t visited us for a short while, you can visit here to see everything that you’ve missed while you’ve been away :)

02 Apr
New article
West Midlands accents in medieval manuscripts
11 Mar
New article
Corriere dello Cockney
27 Feb
New quiz
Famous Faces Quiz 1
20 Feb
New article
Irish English Network by Raymond Hickey
11 Feb
New videos
How To Speak Cork Lessons 1 & 2
24 Jan
New Smartphone App
English Dialects app
11 Jan
New video
Video snippet from Experience Barnsley exhibition
09 Jan
New video
Irish regional accents - Niall Tóibín
08 Jan
New video
Ashburton Town History 2000
07 Jan
New article
Southwest Tyrone English website by Dr Warren Maguire
05 Jan
New dialect books
Lanky Speak books by David Dutton
04 Jan
New section
Other Accents of England
03 Jan
New smartphone app
The Real Accent App
02 Jan
New article
Waad Yuh Beleev It? A Northumberland Tale
29 Dec
New Video
It Ain't All Poldark & Pasties
27 Dec
New Smartphone App
Accentuate: The Fun of Accents
26 Nov
Dialect Books
Bradwell Books
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