West Country Accents Videos

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St Ives Cornwall DVD by The Sloop Inn
Keng Konner and the Haakish Maaid - St Ives TV
Ashburton Town History 2000
Cider with Roger
Cornish Oafs: Cornish Language / Kernewek - Likes & Dislikes
Cornish Oafs: Cornish Language / Kernewek - A few phrases
Take That's Shine- sung by my brother in law, how funny
Bristol accent: The Professor of Bristolian gives pronunciation tips from a Dictionary of Bristle
The Pure Bristolian Language Or Dialect: A Monologue
Call Me Dreckly - Cornish remake of Call Me Maybe
Kim and Lou sing Britney in Bristolion!!
It Ain't All Poldark & Pasties


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