Welcome To We Love Accents

A very warm welcome to We Love Accents.

If you like British & Irish accents you’ve definitely come to the right place !

Our website aims to give you a fun and fascinating insight into the different accents of the UK & Ireland.

On the fascinating side, we want to tell you about the geography, history, development, variations, vocabulary and typical pronunciations for the different accents of the British Isles. We also want to introduce you to regional poets, writer, organisations and individuals who do sterling work preserving and promoting their local accents and heritage.

On the fun side, we have quizzes, competitions, videos, free accent ringtones, fun accent translators and a Gifts section with links to online shops around the British Isles selling t-shirts, mugs etc, for all the different accents.

We will soon be launching a Community section, where you will be able to register and create a profile (and optionally record a profile video for others to hear your accent). We also plan to have chat facilities so you can chat to other members and hear their accents.

As well as telling you about the different accents, we want to use the accents as a window to the heritage and culture of the different regions of the British Isles. So, you won’t find documentaries about Newcastle narrated by presenters from Surrey here ! They will be videos about Newcastle, narrated by real Geordies in Geordie accents ! So, if you’ve got any kind of local story about your area that you would like to tell us about, on video in your accent, we would love to hear from you.

We’d also love to hear from you if you’ve got, or have seen any great accent videos, which you think we could feature. Or if you’re a writer/poet/performer and want to record some video of your work in dialect. We have a Services section to point you at some useful tools to help you easily record video and audio.

We hope you enjoy our website.

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