Intelligent dolphins? I divvent think so!
Learn to Speak Northern
Funny welsh man
The decline of musical chairs...whats gannin on like?
Dave Smiff - Learn Yourself Cockney Intro and Lesson 1
Dave Smiff - Learn Yourself Cockney Lesson 2 and 3
The Lancashire Hotpots - Mek Us A Brew
Chippy Tea - The Video
St Ives Cornwall DVD by The Sloop Inn
Keng Konner and the Haakish Maaid - St Ives TV
The Black Country Dialect (Part One)
The Black Country Dialect (Part Two)
Bowl of Scouse
Ashburton Town History 2000
Dave Dutton gives us a fun taster of his Lanky Speak books
How To Speak Geordie
Cockney Cash Machine ATM
iPaddy: Irish Slang Guide
The Scottish Alphabet
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PS3) By Rose Moon
Irish Slang Quiz 1.wmv
MINTEES norn iron slang
How To: Be A Proper Yorkshire Pud
Accents: Week 9 - Northern Ireland
Mother Of Me Bairns by Geordie Wilson
The Magical Mystery Tour, Liverpool
The history of the city of Liverpool UK
Accents: Week 3 - Geordie accent
Cardiff: City of Culture
Cockney Slang
How To Do A Scottish Accent
How To Do A Cockney Accent
Alfie - The Black Country Poet
Subscriber Clip Of The Week #6 | ChrisK321
My Northern Irish Accent | ChrisK321
The Black Country Olympics
The 2012 World Black Pudding Throwing Championship
Cider with Roger
Cornish Oafs: Cornish Language / Kernewek - Likes & Dislikes
Cornish Oafs: Cornish Language / Kernewek - A few phrases
Ruck'N'Roll Music Festival
Slice of the City: Get The Belfast Look
Blaenau's Story
Short Documentary about Manchester's musical heritage
Ladies Day
The Saving of The Florrie
Scouse-isms... (Language of People from Liverpool)
Scouse-isms Part II (The Language of Liverpool)
Sparlock - A Dad's Viewpoint
The Independent State Of Lancashire (Student Documentary)
Mackem accent Vs. VW bluetooth phone kit
Prudential - We Want To Be Together
Prudential - We Want To Be Having A Baby
Crabbies Ginger Beer
Heineken - The Water In Majorca
Boddingtons - Gondola
Boddingtons - Ice Cream Van
Boddingtons - Pamper Yourself
Boddingtons - Trolleys
Singstar contest round 2
Take That's Shine- sung by my brother in law, how funny
I will Survive (black country version)
The Lovely Eggs- I Just Want Someone To Fall In Love With
We Complain
'Just Like A Chap' by Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer
A Portrait Of Walthamstow Market Documentary
The Dundee Street Poet - 'Andy Broon' (Dundee Worthie)
The Dundee Street Poet 'McGonagall's Disciples'.
The Cundeez - Dundee Fowk
The Cundeez-Skeem Life
Home Truths
Bristol accent: The Professor of Bristolian gives pronunciation tips from a Dictionary of Bristle
The Pure Bristolian Language Or Dialect: A Monologue
John Cooper Clarke - Pies (live)
Luv'in The Black Country
Welcome To The Black Country
Underbling & Vow's Double Decker Knees Up
Underbling & Vow The Movie!
Pearly Kings & Queens Knees Up at the 2013 Cockney Heritage Festival
Black Country Slang
Alfie - BlackCountry Comedian
Dublin's Fair City - 1988
A Northumberland Tale
The Oldest Known Lancashire Dialect Poem - Warrikin Fair
Lancashire Dialect Recitation - Noah's Ark.wmv
YAM narrated by author Douglas Kew
DELILAH (NORTH-EAST) Douglas Kew.wmv
IF (NORTH-EAST) Douglas Kew.wmv
Brainrotting guide to London Part 1: Follow the Monopoly board to some less well known sights
Brainrotting guide to London Part 2: Follow the Monopoly board to some less well known sights
Call Me Dreckly - Cornish remake of Call Me Maybe
Call me maybe parody call me wont ya brummie version
alisha singing bad cockney style!
Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know it's True (Scouse Version) - Acoustic Cover - Danny McEvoy
Kim and Lou sing Britney in Bristolion!!
Taking The Wife Out For Tea WIGAN STYLE
The Best Pie Shop In Wigan, BY FAR!!!!
Why Posh People Are Cold
Not POSH, not COCKNEY -- How to have an Estuary English accent like me!!
Cockney Accent Fun
It Ain't All Poldark & Pasties
Video snippet from Experience Barnsley exhibition
Irish regional accents - Niall Tóibín
How To Speak Cork: Lesson 1
How To Speak Cork: Lesson #2

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