‘Ow do, it’ll be getting up time then’

Jurys Inn launches unique regional dialect ‘Wake Up Call’ service for Olympic Tourists.

Alarm clock

As thousands of athletes and tourists arrive in the UK this week for the London 2012 Olympic Games Jurys Inn is offering a unique service where guests can request to start the day with a wake up call in the region’s local dialect.

From ‘Guid Mornin Hen, time to get up niw’ in Glasgow to ‘Allroyt, yow sh’ud be gettin’ up now’ in Birmingham and ‘Ow Do, it’ll be getting up time then’ in Yorkshire and even ‘OMG, it’s totes time to get up’ in Chelsea, Jurys Inn will be offering the exclusive service at each of its 25 UK hotels allowing tourists to truly feel part of our unique British culture.

Guests can request the service at hotel reception desks, where they will also find the ‘Jurys Inn Regional Greetings Guide’, an 8-page guide to regional phrases from across the UK. The free guide, which contains popular sayings such as ‘beef’ meaning ‘trouble’ in London, ‘boss’ meaning ‘good’ in Liverpool and ‘supwiyo’ meaning ‘what’s up’ in Derby, has been created to give overseas visitors a helping hand when trying to understand the UK’s diverse language and culture.

Suzanne Cannon, Marketing Manager, Jurys Inn says:

“With more tourists than ever expected to arrive in Britain this summer, we thought we’d extend our warm welcome and offer a fun ‘Wake Up Call’ service, allowing guests to really feel part of our unique British culture. Our hotels are situated in the heart of 20 cities across the UK and we are aware our array of regional accents can seem fascinating, albeit confusing, to our overseas guests. We hope our guests will enjoy our new service and see it is an amusing way to start a day of sightseeing and exploring in our wonderful UK cities.”

The Jurys Inn Greetings Guide has been compiled using a social media campaign which ran primarily on Twitter from March-May 2012. The campaign also awarded contributors to the guide with a chance to win a UK Hotel stay for two.


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