Other Accents Of England

Here at We Love Accents, we currently feature 13 of the most well-known accents of the British Isles. However, we know that this is by no means the full story. There are lots more accents and variations within accents that we haven’t got around to featuring yet !, but of course, we’d love to get around to featuring them in the future.

It takes time to research and collate material, so we’ve created this “Other Accents of England” section as a holding section for us to present to you content (videos, articles etc) as we find it, for accents that don’t yet have their own dedicated section. If you know of any articles, videos, blogs, youtube channels, radio shows/presenters or any other interesting material for any accent of England, that we don’t yet feature, or would be interested in producing some material with us, we would love to hear from you. The local people who live in an accent area are always the best experts on their accent, so we need your help to introduce your accent to a wider audience. Once we have enough material, we can then “break out” additional accents into their own dedicated section.

In the meantime, we will use this section to feature material we have gathered for other accents of England.

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