Our special thanks to Ready2Assist for producing this fun “How Canny Is Ya Geordie ?” quiz for We Love Accents.


See how many of these Geordie phrases you understand/can translate into everyday English. (Answers are at the bottom of the page).

1. Aa fancy a day oot in the toon
2. What’s gannin ern?
3. Aam gannin’ hyem.
4. Aa need some scran.
5. Howay gerra move ern!
6. Whey aye, that’s reet.
7. Haad ern a minute.
8. Aa divvent knaa.
9. Gerrof ya hint end an’ dee summick.
10. Hoy that owa hea.
11. That bairn’s fell owa.
12. Av gorra a bad heed.
13. Aam feelin’ canny!
14. Last neet a hord summick funny.
15. Reet let’s gan.
16. Watch oot for the clarts!
17. Eez a bit glakey.
18. Hadaway, ya kiddin’ ‘us?!
19. Come on hinny, it’ll be alreet.
20. Keep ya gob shut!
21. Mebbies aall gan the morn
22. Ya canny nebby ye.
23. Ye alreet pet?
24. Divvent scran aal the bullets!
25. That’s a geet big derg !
26. That looks canny lush.
27. That poor bairn hez a Gregg’s dummy shoved in its gerb.
28. A wus sparked oot for fower hoors.
29. How ye, owa there !
30. Gerrim telt there’s nern left.

How Canny Is Ya Geordie ?- Answers

1, I fancy a day out in Newcastle.

2, What’s going on?

3, I’m going home.

4, I need something to eat.

5, Come on, get a move on!.

6, Of course, that’s right

7, Hold on one minute.

8, I don’t know.

9, Get off your bum and do something.

10, Throw that over here.

11, That child has fallen over!

12, I’ve got a headache.

13, I’m feeling good!

14, Last night I heard something strange.

15, Right, let’s go!

16, Don’t step in the mud.

17, He’s a bit slow.

18, Go away, you’re joking with me?!

19, Come on honey, it’ll be alright.

20, Keep your mouth shut.

21, Maybe I’ll go tomorrow.

22, You’re quite nosey.

23, Are you OK dear?.

24, Don’t eat all the sweets.

25, That’s a very big dog!

26, That looks quite lovely.

27, Look at that poor child being fed a sausage roll.

28, I was asleep for four hours.

29, Excuse me, you over there!

30, Tell him there’s none left.


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