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Try Ower Black Country Test An See How Black Country Yow Am!

Translate the following sentences from Black Country to everyday English. Score yourself 1 point for each one that you know & see how Black Country yow bin!
(Answers Are At The Bottom Of The Page)

1. Thee cossant see as good as thee cust cost thee?
2. Keep out thee oss road!
3. Yam saft as a bottle of pop.
4. Arm tekkin’ the whammel up tha cut.
5. It ay arf black ova Bill’s muva’s.
6. Arv bin shappin’ for some suck.
7. stop rylin ya daft apeth
8. Ar cud ate a scabby oss or Arm clammed ter jeff
9. Put wud in the ‘ole.
10. Warra cowin rigmarole!
11. Ar bin all round the Reekin’
12. Thee cossant say thee wossant, cus thee wost.
13. Me babby’s blartin.
14. Gerrit down ya wassin!
15. Arm gerrin’ Kaylied ay i!
16. Arl gee yow a threapin’ if yow dow pack it in!
17. He could ate 2 taerters mower than a tunky pig.
18. Yow’m a boster fower dooin’ aer quiz – Tara-a-bit!

How Black Country Bin ya? Answers

1, You cannot see as good as you could, can you?

2, Get out of the way!

3, You are silly.

4, I’m taking the dog for a walk over the canal.

5, Looks like rain is coming.

6, I have been shopping for sweets.

7, Stop riggling, you silly person

8, Both are terms for I am hungry.

9, Shut the door.

10, What a carry on.

11, I have been all over the place.

12, You cannot say you was not, because you were!

13, My baby is crying.

14, Eat/Drink up!

15, I do believe I’m getting drunk.

16, I’ll give you a beating if you do not cease what you are up to!

17, He is very greedy.

18, Your a great person for doing our quiz – Goodbye.

How Did You Score ?

0-5 pts Brummie!

6-10 pts Bay Bad

11-15 pts Yow Ay Saft

16-18 pts Blummin’ Bostin’


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