An Introduction to Common Regional Accents in the UK – Teaching Pack

Teaching Pack

Teachers – Would you like to introduce your students to the subject of accents and dialects ? Here is your chance ! This excellent, free, downloadable study pack, produced by Matt Purland, contains some great teaching material and resources. The perfect study aid for you to introduce your students to this fascinating subject.

There are 6 component documents within this teaching pack :-

Click here to view/download the complete pack in PDF format.

Alternatively, you can view each of the individual documents in Google document viewer, by clicking the 6 links below. Click on the File menu in Google document viewer, to download and print :-

1. Introduction.
2. Lesson Outline. (3 pages)
3. Notes on the Four Accents. (2 pages)
4. Useful Resources.
5. Blank Map of the British Isles.
6. Annotated Map of the British Isles.

Our special thanks to Matt Purland for producing this great Teaching Pack for We Love Accents.

Twitter: @englishbanana


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