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English Dialects

English Dialects English Dialects app English Dialects app

The English Dialects app is the property of Leeman, Kolly, Britain

Do you pronounce the /r/ in 'arm'? Do you call a shelf a 'sheuf'? And what on earth is a 'hoddy-doddy'? There is extensive variation in English dialects: this is why your answers to such questions will allow this app to localize your broader dialect region on a map of England.

Did your home dialect change over time? Our algorithm is based on historical data from the Survey of English Dialects. If it guesses where you are from correctly, your home dialect has probably remained stable over the past decades. If the guess is far off, however, it is probably because of dialect change.

- Can we localize your dialect based on your pronunciation of 26 words?
- Record your dialect and listen to recordings of other users and to historical dialect recordings!
- Choose a pronunciation variant, e.g. 'sheuf', and discover where in England it is used...or choose a place and explore its dialect!


Accentuate: The Fun of Accents Accentuate: The Fun of Accents Accentuate: The Fun of Accents

The Accentuate app was developed by Apposing Ltd and is the property of Accentuate.

Description: You've seen the board game .. now get the app version !!

Accentuate is the Hilarious-Guess-The-Accent-Game that curls toes, induces blushes and twists tongues. Can you copy a Cockney, mimic a Mancunian or ape an Aussie? Featuring 30 different accents from around the globe, a third of which are how-grown British accents. Perfect for the tipsy, the uninhibited and the fun loving!

The App provides a video option for capturing your team-mates attempts at the various accents and can be uploaded to the Accentuate Games Instagram site to win a weekly prize for the most hilarious Instagram video.

The Real Accent App

The Real Accent App: England The Real Accent App: England The Real Accent App: England

The Real Accent app was developed by and is the property of Howard Weate Productions Limited.

Description: Need to learn a new accent and don't know where to start ? You're not alone. Working with unfamiliar sounds can be nerve-wracking: the pressure is piled on to 'get it right' for that audition, opening night, recording session or first day of filming.

What if you could put a Voice Coach in your Pocket® to guide you every step of the way ?

The Real Accent App: England does just that. An industry-proven 10-step learning programme, authentic native speaker recordings and groundbreaking functionality make this the definitive app every actor needs in their accent kit bag.

Whoohoo - The British Dialect Translator

Whoohoo - The British Dialect TranslatorWhoohoo - The British Dialect Translator

The Whoohoo British Dialect Translator app was produced by and is the property of Incubate Ltd.

Description: Translate your emails, texts, Facebook and Twitter messages into different British dialects, including Cockney, Scouse (Liverpool), Scottish, Yorkshire, Brummie (Birmingham), Geordie (Newcastle), Irish and Posh.

The Accent Kit

The Accent Kit

The Accent Kit was produced by and is the property of The Big Gob Squad.

Description: Three of the UKs leading accent coaches present The ACCENT Kit: an invaluable tool and resource for actors, and anyone wanting to learn an accent. The ACCENT Kit gives you all the tools you need to learn a new accent and build an accent library... at your fingertips

Glasgow Phrasebook

Glasgow Phrasebook

The Glasgow Phrasebook app was produced by and is the property of Tyrell Mobile.

Description: Glasgow Phrasebook is a fun way to entertain you and your friends with real Scottish banter. Use the buttons to combine words and phrases into classic patter delivered with an authentic Glaswegian accent.
Features four screens of samples organised into handy categories including: Greetings and salutations, and Food and drink.


iBrummie iBrummie iBrummie

The iBrummie app was produced by and is the property of Athernet Web Solutions.

Description: iBrummie - translating phrases from English to Birmingham's 'Brummie' phrases and back again.



The iWiganese app was produced by and is the property of Athernet Web Solutions.

Description: Wigan is a town in Greater Manchester in the UK with a dialect all of its own. The iWiganese app is a fun and novel phrase book that allows you to translate from Wiganese to English and English to Wiganese.

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