Accent Voiceovers

Looking for some great accent voices for your audio or film project ? Here are some talented people we would like to recommend to you.

Name: Accentgirl100
Accents Offered Yorkshire, Scouse, Geordie, Welsh (but willing to try any)
I Am Available For Sound Clips and Video Voiceovers
Portfolio Check out my accent videos on Youtube channel accentgirl100

Name : Jack T. Stonell
Location South East England / Remote
Accents Offered RP, Liverpudlian, Cockney, Estuary, Scots, Manc, Newcastle, Irish, Northern Irish, West Country, Jamaican, North American, Southern States America, Canadian, Mid Atlantic, Spanish, Australian, South African, Chinese, German, Austrian, Dutch, etc. / Any [fast learner].
I Am Available For Voice overs, narration, voice acting, impressions
Equipment Software SM58, Audacity, Cubase

Name : Ryan Scott
Location Glasgow
Accents Offered Any.
I Am Available For Voice overs, photography, communications, marketing
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