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Here at We Love Accents we love to feature videos in accents.

We love to feature all manner of material in accents. Poems, short stories, history tales, comedy, vlogs, music, documentary etc etc. If you’ve got a good regional accent … we’d love to see and hear your stuff on video. If you’ve not made your own videos before, it’s easier than you think. Smartphones and tablets have camcorder apps for recording video. If you have a pc or laptop, Windows 10 comes with an app, called Camera, which takes both photos and videos. Below is our guide for how to record yourself on Windows 10 Camera app.

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Step 1: Windows 10 has a built in app called Camera, which takes camera shots using your pc/laptop built in webcam. It can also be used to record video !!
Windows 10 Camera app

Step 2: When you start the Windows 10 Camera app, by default you are in Photo mode. Down the right hand side of the display you should see a white button with a camera icon. Just above that camera icon is a small video icon (indicated by the red arrow in the image). Click on the small video icon, and the white camera button should change to a white video button. You are now in video mode and ready to start recording.
How to record video

Step 3: To start recording video, tap the white video button (indicated by the red arrow in the image) and recording will then start. You should see the white video button turn into a red stop button. When you want to stop recording video, tap the red stop button. That’s it !! Your video is now recorded. By default the Camera app saves your videos in the Pictures folder.
Recording your video

Step 4: Now that you’ve made a video, play it back to check that you are happy with the video and audio quality. By default the Camera app records both the image and sound/audio of your videos via your webcam. If the audio quality is not so good, you may need to try again using a microphone. If you don’t have a microphone and consider purchasing one, I would recommend getting a USB microphone.
USB microphone

Step 5: If the audio quality is still poor after recording with a USB microphone, you may need to adjust some audio settings as follows.
1. Unplug your USB microphone.
2. Right mouse click on the audio icon in the bottom left corner of your laptop/desktop screen (Figure 1).
3. From the list of options which then appears click on Recording devices (Figure 2).
4. You should now see a list of devices (Figure 3).
5. Note which device is currently showing as the Default device (with a green tick).
6. Right click on the Default device and from the list of options which appears click Disable.
7. Check that the device is now showing Disabled and there is no green tick.
8. Plug in your USB microphone. This should then appear as a new entry at the bottom of the devices list, which should be the Default device and with a green tick.
9. Right click on the the USB microphone in the devices list, so it is highlighted, then click the Properties button.
10. From the next window that appears click the Levels tab and set the microphone level to 100%.
11. Click Apply and then OK.
12. Try recording a new video using the USB microphone to record your sound. Hopefully the audio now should be
much improved.
13. If you ever need to go back to talking/using the audio of your webcam, you will need to re-enable the previous Default device.
Audio settings
Audio settings
Audio settings
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