Audio Tools

We are always looking for folk with wonderful, strong regional accents, who would be interested in making sound clips for us.

We have an ever growing need for great voice clips, for our Ringtones and also for our Accent Map Quizzes. If you have a great accent and would be interested to record some voice clips for us, or if you have a great idea for an accent ringtone (a fun phrase/sentence/local accent saying), we would love to hear it.

Here are some tools to help you record some fun voice clips. And of course, when you have some fun accent sound clips, we would love you to share them with us at

If you have a smartphone, it will most probably have an app on it for making sound recordings/voice clips. Below are instructions for how to use the Voice Recorder app, which is available on most HTC smartphones, and how to send your voice clips via email. If you have a different type of smartphone, it will almost certainly have a similar app for making sound recordings/voice clips. Consult the manual for your smartphone for the exact instructions. Of course, when you have made your accent voice clips we would love to hear them. Please send them to us at

Press the red record button to start and stop recording a voice clip.
Once you have recorded a voice clip, press the play button to play back your voice recording.
Press the tray icon to see a list of all your sound recordings.
Press the Share button to attach a voice clip to an email message.

Audacity Audio Software

If you have a webcam or microphone, most probably your webcam or microphone came with some software to enable you to make recordings from your webcam or microphone.

If you don’t have a program for making recordings from your webcam or microphone, or you would like some more sophisticated software for your voice recordings, you could try using this free audio recording software called Audacity which will allow you to make and edit sound recordings on your pc.

Of course when you have made your voice recordings, we would love to hear them. Send them to us at

Take your wonderful accent to a whole new dimension with these fantastic sound apps for iPhone and Android. We can’t wait to hear Geordies on Helium and Welsh chipmunks :) These are just a few examples of many voice apps available for smartphones, and new and upgraded apps are appearing all the time.

And of course, when you’ve made some fun voice/music clips using these great apps, we want to hear them. Email them to us at

SONGIFY (for iPhone)

Songify turns speech into music, automatically!
Speak into your device, and Songify will turn your speech into a song.

Click here to watch Youtube demo

TALKAPELLA (for iPhone)

Turns spoken word into a rocking acapella harmony! Creates four different versions of your voice, and stretches out vowels to make you croon. A unique way to re-create classic acapella tracks.

Click here to watch Youtube demo

LADIDA (for IPhone)

LaDiDa is a reverse karaoke app that uses artificial intelligence to help you sound like a professional singer. You SING or RAP into the phone, and LaDiDa will analyze your voice and compose music to match.

Click here to watch Youtube demo

I AM T-PAIN (for IPhone)

Sing into the mic on your iPhone and I Am T-Pain will record your voice and give you the T-Pain effect.

Click here to watch Youtube demo


Record yourself and then change your voice. Select many voices and effects. You can also change the background sound, make it sound as if you are on a plane, during battle and more.

★ Change your voice to CHIPMUNK, CAT, ROBOT, CHILD, MEGAPHONE, serveral WOMEN’s and MEN’s voices, and more
★ Add Effects: CHORUS, ECHO

Click here to watch Youtube demo


Discover your Robot,Alien,Chipmunk,Helium voices ! This is the free version, there is also Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer which is a pay app, but has more voices.

Click here to watch Youtube demo

MICDROID (for Android)

MicDroid tunes your voice! Reproduce the effects you hear in music yourself! If you’ve been waiting for the iPhone’s famous I Am T-Pain app to make it to Android, you should try out MicDroid! Always sing in tune! Offers plenty of options for pitch correction!


Change your voice in scary ways. Record your voice and change it in scary ways. Sound like a ghost, mummy, spark, and even a chainsaw.

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