Accent Karaoke Competition


Below are the videos from our last competition. We hope to run a new competition soon. Click on the thumbnails to watch the competition entries.

Many Congratulations to BRISTOLBABBERS who were the winners of our last competition.

A big big thank you from We Love Accents to all the entrants in our last competition.

Call Me Dreckly - Cornish remake of Call Me Maybe
Call me maybe parody call me wont ya brummie version
alisha singing bad cockney style!
Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know it's True (Scouse Version) - Acoustic Cover - Danny McEvoy
Kim and Lou sing Britney in Bristolion!!


Fancy entering our next Accent Karaoke Competition ? Why not join in the fun and be in with a chance of winning £50 !!

We’re not the X Factor !! Our competition is all about having fun and hearing great accents :) The only real requirement is that your video should be in a British or Irish accent.

If you already have a video, then just email us at, to let us know and we can sort it all out for you from there.

Like to enter but don’t have a video yet ? No problem !! There are some great tools around which make it really easy to record a video. Here are some suggestions :-

1. Record a video using your smartphone or tablet.
2. Record a video using your webcam. (Most webcams come with software that allows you to record from your webcam).
3. If you have a Youtube channel, make a video using their online webcam recorder. Here is a video explaining how to Record a video via the Youtube online webcam recorder

Alternatively, how about writing and recording your own accent rhyme or rap ? We will shortly be making some backing tracks available here, so all you have to do is write a fun rhyme or rap about pies or beer or some other fun subject matter, then record it in your bestest accent, over one of our backing tracks (or one of the many backing tracks available on Youtube) and submit your video to our Karaoke Competition.

Just email us at to let us know you have a video you would like to enter and we will sort it all out from there. Couldn’t be easier :)

Check out the Previous Competitions tab to enjoy the entries from our previous Accent Karaoke Competitions.


Here are the entries from our previous Accent Karaoke Competitions.


Singstar contest round 2
Take That's Shine- sung by my brother in law, how funny
I will Survive (black country version)

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